Apr 21, 2012


Having set foot here
I was welcome by someone from a family
family so big and wonderful
which extends throughout the land down under here
across all the seas and lands
yes it is that big
this is not an exaggeration
trust me, this is true


Being in this family
just for a few week
I've been showed answers
answers that i've been yearning to find
that I've been searching for
answers from the questions
the contradictions,
the misconceptions,
and everything else in between
that i've seem to gather
since the event
that made me strayed

what are these answers..?
Haven't had any chance of clarifying it into words to share
as all these answers are very personal to me

for now leave it as it is
i know from here on now
i'll be finding more answers
more skills, knowledge and wisdom
that will lead to the contents of this place

which I'll be glad to share
which is nothing(well not really)
but something

as a reminders to myself, and others
to benefit myself, and you

A new direction


Here is me, trying to write my own experience being away seeking as much knowledge and acquire as many skills as I possibly can
skills and knowledge to be shared among others
to be used fully for the better of myself, everyone around me, society and everything else
with the sole purpose
to seek the pleasure of the almighty creator
to have his blessings